Migrating ThinkAutomation 4 to ThinkAutomation 5

First to preserve your data I would recommend using the "Backup & Email MetaData" option in ThinkAutomation 4.

The basic procedure for migrating to ThinkAutomation 5 would consist of procuring a new license, for the purposes of upgrading you can look into a trial license key. 

Installing ThinkAutomation 5 on your new server, which for average needs can be done all together. 

And finally replicating your current Triggers to ThinkAutomation 5 Message Sources and your Trigger Actions to ThinkAutomation 5 Automations.

If you would like more specific information in regard to upgrading and migrating ThinkAutomation 5 you may contact our ThinkAutomation Sales Team and they can give you a focused overview of the software and answer any questions you may have.

You can contact them via email at sales@parkersoftware.com.
Creation date: 30/08/2023 15:05      Updated: 30/08/2023 15:05