ThinkAutomation 5 Migration to a New Server

To Migrate ThinkAutomation 5 to a New Server, first, preserve your data by saving your solutions to Solution Packages. This can be done from the 'Deploy Solution' menu option on the 'Explorer' Tab.

On the new server we suggest using a trial license key for installing ThinkAutomation 5. Once installed you can import your solutions to the new server version via the 'Import Solution' option found on the 'File' menu or in your 'Solutions Dialog' which is the last option on the far right of your menu.

Once your solutions are imported and you have verified your Automation are up and running correctly on your new server, you can unregister your product license key from your old server via the 'Unregister' option on the 'File' menu, and then register that activate product key on your new server via the 'Register Product' option on the 'File' menu entering your key and company details there.

There are ways to copy the Message Store if required but that is not always necessary and can be done on a case by case basis if needed.
Creation date: 22/08/2023 15:14      Updated: 30/08/2023 15:06