Using The Update CSV Action To Create A Viewable Table

Sometimes you may need to create a viewable table that you can send in an email or return from a webform. For example, you may have an Automation that receives order information with multiple product lines and you need to return an order confirmation email that includes a table of products ordered.

A quick way of creating a table is to use the Update CSV action. The Update CSV action is normally used to write CSV data to a file. However it can also be used to update CSV data in memory.

In the Update CSV action instead of setting the filename you set the CSV Data In to a %variable%. Enable the Use Custom Columns List option and define your column headers and values to assign to each column. Set the Assign CSV Data To option to the same variable as the CSV Data In.

You can then repeat the Update CSV action multiple times - maybe inside a For..Each loop. Set the action properties the same - but with changed %variable% values for the column values. The Assign CSV Data To variable will receive the updated CSV data each time its called.

You can then use the Set Variable action with the Convert CSV To Markdown Table or Convert CSV To HTML Table options to convert the CSV data to a markdown or HTML table.

The new variable can then be included on outgoing emails or in the Return value for web forms.
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